It’s launch day for Ex on the Beach!

Ex on the Beach, book eleven in The Extra Series, is now available! You can buy it on Amazon or read it for free in Kindle Unlimited. It’s on sale at a special release price until the end of the week, so grab it now, don’t wait!

Ex on the Beach is a second chance romance, the story of A-list actors and former Hollywood It Couple Kim Watterson and Blake Pless, who divorced six years ago. Rumors abound in Hollywood as to what went wrong…and it turns out not even Kim and Blake know the truth.

In celebration of the release of Ex on the Beach, we want to share with you the actors we picked to represent Kim and Blake:

And the Ex on the Beach Playlist!

Would you pick different actors? What songs would you put on the playlist? Be sure to let us know when you’ve read the book.

We hope you enjoy reading Ex on the Beach as much as we enjoyed writing it. Happy reading!