When We Fell is out today!

When We Fell, prequel to Ex on the Beach, is the story of how Kim Watterson and Blake Pless first fell in love–and then fell apart. Kim and Blake have their second chance in Ex on the Beach, but what happened the first time around? Find out in When We Fell! You can grab it today for 2.99 on Kindle, or read for free in KU!

One thing to be aware of, unlike ALL our other books, this one does end in a cliff hanger rather than a happily ever after, as first chances tend to do. But don’t worry! Ex on the Beach is available, and you can dive right into their second chance story and experience Kim and Blake’s happily ever after, whether you’ve read it before or not. When We Fell is meant to be a new entry point for the series, so you can read these books even if you haven’t read the others. Kim and Blake have been mentioned in the other books, but they aren’t as connected to many of the other characters, so you won’t be missing a thing. (But of course you’ll eventually want to go back and read the other books in the series, because why wouldn’t you. 🙂