The Real Not-Wives of Red Rock Canyon is out today!

True story, this book is our love letter to the Real Housewives. And maybe our hate mail, too, we’ll leave that for you to decide.

If you’ve been following the series, you’ve already met Jason and Emily. This book picks up with them two years after they met during Su-Lin’s Super Awesome Casual Dating Plan. We’re so happy to be able to share their love story with you as they teach entitled, rich socialites to rock climb, and try to sort through their own relationship drama.

You can grab their book today at the special launch week price! Snag it now before the price goes up.

Social media maven Emily Pietrowski loves working alongside her boyfriend, celebrity rock climber Jason Winslow. But she’s less enthused about Jason’s new gig as the host of the reality show, The Real Not-Wives of Red Rock Canyon, where they’ll be camping with affluent divorcees who are trying to find self-actualization through rock climbing. It’s only her love for Jason that could motivate her to spend a week on a set filled with purse dogs, bejeweled climbing harnesses, and organic, sugar-free s’mores.

Jason and Emily have been going strong for the last two years, but lately Emily is starting to feel like their relationship is stuck in a rut. She’s ready to take the next step, but every time she brings up their future, it seems like Jason is, well . . . not.

When Emily is recorded confronting Jason about her concerns, they unwittingly become part of the on-screen drama. Emily will do anything to save her relationship, even if it means agreeing to on-camera therapy sessions with dubiously licensed Monroe Coco, the biggest diva of them all.

This crazy week could make or break them—but is it already too late?