Ready to Rumba is now available!

We’re so excited that Ready to Rumba, book 14 in The Extra series, is out in the world today! Nix and Marcus dance with rival ballroom studios, and their european dance tour is full of drama, sexiness, and, of course, love. Grab it this week at 2.99, because the price will go up next week. Check out the cover copy below!

Strictly Ballroom meets How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days in this steamy romantic comedy.

Nicole “Nix” Mendez is done with men. Every guy she dates turns out to be some flavor of douchebag— she’s been dumped for everything from overtexting to her unabashed love of eighties movies, and she’s tired of getting her heart trampled. She’s determined to focus on her fledgling ballroom dance studio and her upcoming European dance tour free from romantic distractions.

On the very first day of the tour, Nix gets stuck in an elevator with the hottest guy in ballroom dance. Marcus Corbin has always seemed broody and aloof, but when they’re alone, he’s sweet, funny, and sexy enough to tempt Nix to abandon her vow of celibacy. Nix isn’t looking for a relationship with Marcus—but he could be the perfect guy to scratch that itch without the stress of commitment and eventual heartbreak.

As Nix grows closer to Marcus, she finds herself wanting more than just a booty call, and it seems that he does too. She can’t bring herself to just walk away, but she’s been broken up with too many times to put her trust in another relationship. So she concocts a plan: she’ll subject Marcus to every stupid habit and quirk that’s gotten her dumped in the past. This way she’ll be sure to get rid of him before she gets too attached, saving them both a lot of trouble in the long run.

With a plan this foolproof, what could go wrong?

Pick up Ready to Rumba today!