Alternate History!

Here’s a thing about us as co-writers–we’re not generally happy just telling one story about our couples. We play with barbies for pre-writing, giving the stories a dry run using roleplaying techniques. (Think D&D, but without the dice and the rules.)

When we finish a story, we generally take a few weeks worth of gaming sessions to do alternate stories, to answer the question, what would have happened if we change the story like this? Or like this? Most of the time these are just for fun, but occasionally we discover a pocket of emotional information about the characters that didn’t get explored in the main story, and we use this to inspire a future story with that couple, or we work that information and development into the main book.

Sometimes, though, we fall in love with an alternate story, and feel the need to write it. With Felix and Jenna, we did a lot of alternate timelines in which they met at different points in their arc. What if they met before Felix was in rehab, or when Jenna was still dating Grant? What if they met as kids and Felix was Ty’s father (at sixteen)?

Our favorite of these, though, was the one where Felix and Jenna met in high school when she was a single mom and a party girl, and he was a preppy orchestra nerd. We wrote one of those scenes, and then another, and pretty soon we knew we were going to write a whole book of that story, and if we were going to write a book, we were going to share it.

That’s how Everything We Might Have Been was born, an alternate reality version of what might have happened if Felix and Jenna met at a different time, in a different place, in a different way. And this alternate version of them gets their very own full lenght novel, and their very own HEA. (Because really, there’s no keeping these two apart. It can be read separate from the series (but it’s only available in e-book in the box set, because really, you want to read the other books too, right?) And at 9.99 for the whole set, it’s basically a steal.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

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