Why the dolls?

Astute readers may notice that our social media accounts are full of pictures of barbie dolls visiting exotic locations (like Wyoming) and having conversations mired by sexual tension and pregnancy tests. Our books aren’t about Barbies (Our apologies to anyone who came here looking for Life in the Dreamhouse fan fiction–though if you find some, please send it our way!), but as doll lovers, miniature creators, and role-playing enthusiasts (no, not that kind, think Dungeons and Dragons) we’ve found a way to combine all of these passions with our writing process.

Every character starts out as a doll, and we build dioramas to aid in our creative process. By posing the dolls in the scenes and then talking through each scenario before we write it, we build our own excitement for the stories and relationships, and also give each story a good dry-run that helps us develop the plots and characters. And yes, a lot of the clothes worn in the books are based on doll outfits, and there may be a well-placed prop or two that originally entered the books just because we happened to find one in 1/6th scale. (Cello case anyone?)

Yes, we know this sounds crazy, but we love it. And we love to share pictures of our early pre-writing exercises, because we’re dang proud of their general gorgeousness.

So if you’re looking for books ABOUT Barbie, maybe check with Mattel? But if you’re looking for steamy romance with well-developed characters who happen to have fashion dolls in their general likeness, you’ve come to the right place.